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Snapchat introduces all new location sharing feature on its platform with 'Snap Map'

siliconreview Snapchat introduces all new location sharing feature on its platform with 'Snap Map'

Popular photo-sharing app Snapchat recently created a buzz with the introduction of location sharing feature Snap Map on its platform. The update came just after few days of Snapchat acquiring social map app Zenly.

The all new trending feature lets user to share their current location, which come into view to friends on a map and updates when they open Snapchat. The app was recently rolled out globallt to all iOS and Android users, Tech Crunch reported.

"We have built a whole new way to explore the world! See what is happening, find your friends and get inspired to go on an adventure!," said Snapchat in its blog.

Once the user will be able to access the feature in the app, one can prefer to share their current location with friends, a few friends they choose or can vanish from the map at any time by going into "Ghost Mode" or not opening Snapchat for a few hours.

To be able to access the Snap Map, one can pinch on Snapchat camera home screen. From there one can also scroll around to see where friends are in your city or around the world. Also, outside of the location-sharing element, Snap Map also gives users another way to find out Story content further than the well-worn Stories feed and the powerful "Story Search" feature.

Additionally, in order to see from where lots of Snaps are being uploaded, the users can see "heat" colours on the Snap Map which might specify a concert or big event from which they want to discover Snap Stories.

With this new addition, Snap Map would contend with Facebook Messenger's "Live Location" feature. But as Snap Map updates only when the user will open the app, it's more geared to privacy and saving battery life.