U.S Law Enforcement Agencies to Use GrayKey to unlock iPhones

U.S Law Enforcement Agencies to Use GrayKey to unlock iPhones
The Siliconreview
16 April, 2018

The American law enforcement agencies are now finding it much easier to unlock a passcode locked iPhone, previously agencies found it almost impossible to unlock an iPhone because of the encryption that Apple uses on its devices. A device called “GrayKey” has now become the new best friend of the law authorities.

This device lets you connect two iPhones simultaneously, they’re in the connection for about two minutes with GrayKay and upon disconnection, after a while has passed, and the iPhones display a black screen with the passwords to unlock it.

The time taken to unlock a particular device is directly proportional to the length of the password that the previous owner has set. It can take anywhere from 2 hours to three days to unlock passwords between 4-6 characters respectively. The device works on disabled iPhones and as well as devices equipped with iOS. 

GrayKey is a device that is specifically designed for law enforcement authorities. Once the device is unlocked, all its contents are downloaded to GrayKey and authorities then can further analyze the files via a connected computer or as a downloaded file.

There are two versions of the device – one that costs $15,000 and needs internet connectivity and also has a limit on the number phones that it can unlock and then there’s the $30,000 version of it, which has no limits and doesn't need an internet connection.