AI enabled iPhones right around the corner

AI enabled iPhones right around the corner
The Siliconreview
08 June, 2018

At its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018, Apple unveiled what could be its most ambitious mobile phone operating system, the iOS 12. With numerous upgrades and additions, Apple plans to turn its iPhone into a highly personalized device, using its Siri AI.

This phone would still be the old iPhone but with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features. It can discern your location, what you do and what you might need to know instantaneously. Considering the fact that it is driven by AI techniques such as machine learning, a completely seamless melding of the new iPhone with your daily activities is bound to happen over time.

In the same place as one would expect to see the suggested apps to launch, one could also expect to see things that Siri may think we want to know. Some of these include launching your favorite playlist at the gym or commute, sending birthday greeting to family and friends, pre-ordering your favorite coffee and so on. While some users may find this highly useful, there is high likelihood that others may find it invasive.

In addition to this, Siri suggestions may appear even on the lock screen, whenever it thinks that we might want to get something done. For example, checking emails when you wake up, preparing monthly groceries list or ordering your preferred coffee in the morning. Furthermore, these suggestions would also appear on the apple watch’s Siri watch screen.

Apple also announced an app called Siri shortcuts, based on the technology Apple acquired from Workflow, a task automation app. This would allow users to bundle everyday actions into routines.