VMware aims to expand services to Azure and Google

VMware aims to expand services to Azure and Google
The Siliconreview
02 June, 2018

VMware CEO, Patrick Gelsinger, announced plans to expand his company’s cloud services into Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. This announcement comes in light of increased customer interest for the expansion of VMware’s relationships to include other cloud service providers, chiefly, Microsoft and Google.

We have interest from our customers to expand our relationships with Google, Microsoft and others,” Gelsinger said on Friday. He went on to add “We have announced some incremental expansions of those agreements.” 

VMware, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies launched VMware cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States last year. Along with the announcement of earnings, the company also disclosed that its cloud on AWS would expand into Europe. Inspite of the fact that many of VMware’s largest customers are already running its cloud on AWS, Gelsinger’s announcement comes in consideration of increased customer demand to adapt VMware cloud services to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Amazon controls a dominant 34% share of the entire cloud computing services market, while three of its closest competitors, namely Microsoft, Google and IBM control 11%, 8% and 6% respectively, according to the Synergy Research Group. It is also to be noted that while Amazon’s share of the market was flat from the last year, Microsoft and Google saw their market shares increase.

Patrick Gelsinger further added, “There is no edge to the data centre anymore, customers have multiple cloud products.