Jeff Bezos's Net Worth Surpasses the GDP of 132 Nations Individually

Jeff Bezos's Net Worth Surpasses the GDP of 132 Nations Individually
The Siliconreview
18 July, 2018

Recently the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was declared as the richest man of the modern time and surpasses Bill Gates. Not to mention, his net worth is more than 132 nations and if he was a country he would take the 56th spot. Currently, he has hit the 150 billion mark but the fluctuation continues as he now dropped down to 143.1 billion today.

It is important to realize that Bill Gates would have hit this mark but he couldn’t because he donates most of his assets and profit to charity. Especially to his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he has donated over 700 million Microsoft shares and more than $2.9 billion cash including various other assets. Bill Gates could have been the world’s richest man, but he refused to be one and decided to share his assets to the unprivileged.

Jeff Bezos will surely remain on the top of the food chain because Amazon is currently expanding its foot in various part of the market. Also, by implementing the latest tech in its warehousing systems, delivery structure and Amazon Prime, Jeff Bezos is really shifting his gear to the next level. All in all, his net worth is going up and is expected to grow even higher because of the recent rise in all of Amazon’s activities. Let us see what happens in the future.