PC Online Game Titanfall Canceled In Asia

PC Online Game Titanfall Canceled In Asia
The Siliconreview
10 July, 2018

Late last year, it was announced that Electronic Arts (EA) and Nexon were teaming up for the first-person multiplayer shooter game, Titanfall aimed at the Asian gaming market. However, the game has been canceled in the continent. According to reports, the development of the game took more than three years, and the reaction to the limited-time-only player tests wasn’t so great.

“It is true that Nexon and EA have agreed to cancel Titanfall Online under a business decision,” said a Nexon representative. “After much deliberation, it was decided that reallocating development resources to another project was better for the company.”

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, Titanfall franchise debuted in 2014, with a sequel launching in 2016 -- Titanfall 2.

Titanfall is not the only game in the series that has been canceled; Kaos Studios’ Frontline was also canceled before its launch. Back in November 2017, when EA purchased Respawn and the Titanfall IP, EA also confirmed that Respawn was working on an all-new Titanfall game planned to be announced soon. Also, the American video game developers are developing Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.