Robots Exhibit in IFA: Some New Tech to watch out for

Robots Exhibit in IFA: Some New Tech to watch out for
The Siliconreview
01 September, 2018

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin is an event that every tech giant looks forward to visiting. Not to mention tech-freaks are very much eager to see if they can get their hands on some new technology that will change the phase of the market. Robotics has always been one of the main attractions in IFA. The Event does hold some fascinating robots that are sure to provide the best solution for certain problems. The Neato’s New D4 Connected with its partner D6 Connected robot vacuum cleaners is able to clean the house autonomously by mapping the user’s house. Neato had already developed D7 Connected and now it is said to have a new feature. This new feature is used to target specific zones in the house for cleaning.

Other devices such as LG’s new CLOi SuitBot that is used as a mount to the lower half of a human body will allow its user to sit, stand, run and do various other things. In other words, the wearable robot is designed to aid in mobility and adds strength to the lower limbs. By utilizing artificial intelligence the robot analyses load bearing and will help in lifting up the user’s body.  The UBTech Alpha Mini is said to be an intelligent animated companion and many found it very cute. Also from UBTech, small football bots have been designed that can compete against each other. The Segway Loomo is a mini-transporter that can autonomously operate and doesn’t need a user to guide its path.

All of these robots look fascinating; let’s see how companies utilize this opportunity for the best.