UK Announces its Vision for NHS Technology

UK Announces its Vision for NHS Technology
The Siliconreview
29 October, 2018

The UK Secretary of State for a Health - Matt Hancock announced the vision for the future for healthcare.  He also said that digital and data will play a major role. The vision has largely been met with great praise by NHS. The document was said to consist of four Artificial Intelligence entities and to summarise the announcement, the government seeks to get the basics right. Hence with the collaboration of users, NHS, industry, lenders and commissioners, is said to yield the right solutions. Also aiming at the right people will aid in providing the right set of answers.

In the entire document, the "basics" are actually not that basic. It contains small challenges in the health and social care digital architecture. Not to mention open standards, interoperability, governance, and security are said to be a higher challenge. To bring the NHS to the 21st century there are certain substantial hurdles. Those are the legacy technology and commercial arrangements. The hugely complex organisational and delivery structure is also added to the hurdles. This might cause a low-risk appetite inside the NHS. Not to mention a poor trust in technology outside it. Everything is now underpinned by the perpetual reality. That is of being cash-strapped as a workforce which is inconsistent. In other words “digitally ready”.