LG Objet: The New Premium Brand of LG Electronics

LG Objet: The New Premium Brand of LG Electronics
The Siliconreview
02 November, 2018

LG is one of the top companies in today’s market. It had always targeted consumers who use electronics. But with its new LG Objet brand, it is said to expand its customer base. LG Objet will be concentrating on home appliances that include furniture, home decor and more. It is basically a convergence appliances concept where furniture and electronic come together. The products designed under this brand is said to function as electronics and as home décor. So this is something new, which might attract a lot of customers.  The products are said to be made of different materials that include wood and metal. There is also an option for consumers to customize these products.

The company had unveiled its first batch on Thursday that included a TV, audio system, air purifier and refrigerator. The custom-made products will take three months to produce. It certainly is an amazing move by LG. We surely will see some amazing tech and products. We will be experiencing both furniture comfort and electronics. The price tag will be based on the product design. So let’s wait and see how LG Objet will change the market. Also, there are not many competitors in the market for LG; let’s see how it comes out on top.