Hong Kong: Subway Stations to Have QR Code Payments Facility

Hong Kong: Subway Stations to Have QR Code Payments Facility
The Siliconreview
16 November, 2018

Hong Kong’s subway stations will be equipped with QR Payments Facility. The move by the government will help its commuters to use QR codes for payments.

The authority of the subway system made a deal with Alibaba’s Ant Financial affiliate last week, for helping them to set up the project.  The affiliate will install several scan-to-pay systems in 91 different MTR (Mass Transit Railway) metro stations across Hong Kong. The project is expected to be complete by 2020.

To scan a code, the commuters will have to use Ant’s Alipay app at a turnstile and go on their usual trips. The commuters will have the option to top up their balance in the app and through traditional methods as well. Apart from subways, MTR also covers buses and more but there is no clear information about the expansion of this payment method beyond subways.

Other than subway rides, there is a lot more to be offered.

Ant financial along with Hutchison, Telecom Company operates a joint venture called APSHK. The main objective is to establish new tech and services in the city. It allows users to make offline payments and has support for taxis as well. Like the Octopus card system, MTR will be a base to expand its services in Hong Kong to other different areas too, perhaps mirroring China where Alipay is dominating the market with its services.

Once the OR code system is launched across the Subways, the commuters will have a good time out there.