Bosch Partners with Forcea to Launch a Cloud-Based Weather Detecting Technology in 2020

Bosch Partners with Forcea to Launch a Cloud-Based Weather Detecting Technology in 2020
The Siliconreview
26 July, 2018

Bosch, the German-based engineering and Electronics Company will introduce a cloud-based weather detecting technology for autonomous cars in 2020. The company is partnering with Forcea, a Finnish weather forecasting company to leverage its technology.

The cloud-based technology will inform self-driven cars about any kind of weather condition, making autonomous cars suitable for places that experience extreme weather. Additionally, the technology will also have the capability to inform the cars about the road conditions.

Both the companies will exclusively design the weather detecting technology on the basis of different weather conditions that human beings depend upon, for example, dry asphalt, rain, snow, or mud. Furthermore, the self-driving or semi-autonomous cars require adjustments while driving in order to keep passengers comfortable and safe.

According to a source, Bosch has not confirmed about the cars which will get the new technology first. The company will largely dependent on Forcea’s technology to create a digital picture of the meteorological conditions around the cars. As the car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure technology will grow, Bosch will incorporate vehicle data into different vehicles, which will provide information like the functioning of windshield wipers, car temperature, etc.

Looking forward, it will take some time before the technology will only depend on shared information. Cars like Mercedes and Volvo has already implemented the similar kind of technology but Bosch’s promising technology will be even more sophisticated and reliable as Forcea has predicted and provided almost accurate weather results in the whole world.