IBM secures a $325million deal With Juniper Networks

IBM secures a $325million deal With Juniper Networks
The Siliconreview
23 January, 2019

IBM has secured a $325M deal with Juniper Networks in which IBM will help the latter in improving their cloud journey. The deal is for a period for seven years.

In the deal, IBM will use its IT platform with Watson to assist Juniper’s infrastructure which includes help desks and data centers to support systems. On the other hand, with the help of IBM services, Juniper Networks will also aim to establish an agile IT platform.

While coming to automation, IBM’s service platform with Watson is a product which connects human with cognitive technology. IBM’s goal towards it is to cut down cost, become efficient and helps Juniper to develop a cloud-native landscape; according to IBM, it is a ‘factory development’ concept.

As per an official from IBM, IBM’s work with enterprises around the world has led the company to believe that a ‘one-cloud-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work and companies are selectingvarious cloud environments to bestfulfilltheir requirements.

Apart from the Juniper deal, the starting of this year for IBM has been very busy since the company had signed an agreement with Telecommunications firm Vodafone in the second week of January. Both the companies focused specifically on digital transformation work and the latest wave of cloud services focused on AI, 5G, software,and edge computing.

“Working with Juniper, we are integrating cloud solutions with their existing IT investments via the IBM Service Platform with Watson,” quoted Martin Jetter, SVP of IBM global technology.