Ledger’s New Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet is here

Ledger’s New Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet is here
The Siliconreview
08 January, 2019

Ledger, an American company that manufacturer Hardware wallet has rolled out its new cryptocurrency wallet. Dubbed as Ledger Nano X, the device is enabled with Bluetooth and has the capacity to hold 100 different types of cryptocurrencies at once.

The company has also developed a mobile app- the Ledger Live Mobile to run the device with smartphones for both Android and iOS. Nano X was showcased at the CES in LA on Sunday. From Monday, users can start pre-ordering the device, while the cost of the device is $119. The shipping process will start from March this year.

Know About Nano X!

As per the company, with the help of Nano X, users can install upto 100 cryptocurrencies at once. The device will also support more than 1100 assets with more to be added every other month.

If we compare the previous version, i.e. Nano S, it can simultaneously run up to 18 cryptocurrency applications with support for only 40 assets in total.

Currently, the new version is available in one color while Nano S has six color variants. Nano X can be used wirelessly with its built t in battery power of 100mAh. Users can go through the security improvements in the Company’s official website for Nano X.

In comparison to the size, the new model is slightly shorter than the previous model, i.e. 72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm. The navigation system is improved in Nano X and has a bigger screen. The device is equipped with a USB cable, a guide to getting started and a recovery sheet.