Soylent Introduces a New Snack Alternative Drink Called Bridge

Soylent Introduces a New Snack Alternative Drink Called Bridge
The Siliconreview
07 January, 2019

Soylent, an American food brand has rolled out a snack alternative drink and started an innovation lab for food tech start-ups in LA. The announcement was made public on Thursday.

The new drink known as Bridge is a healthy snack replacement food which has around 180calories/11oz bottle as compared to the company’s original drink which has around 400 calories/14oz bottles. There are 36 vital nutrients in both the versions of the drinks, where the sugar content is less in Bridge than the original one.

Bridge will be available in chocolate flavor on the company’s official site.

While coming to the new innovation lab, it is described as office space for new food tech companies which can be used in a collaborative manner. The innovation lab is a little bit similar like WeWork, a company that provides shared workspace for tech startups and services for business, etc. but Soylent’s theme is different, i.e. a theme based onfood development within the Soylent complex.

Soylent is providing grants to few top notched startups and free working space at its office in LA’s Arts District.

The lab promotes strategic resources, mentorship opportunities and access to a supportive community space, which also includes partnership time with the company’s executives and utilizing the company’s rooftop deck, bar, kitchen, conference,and boardrooms.

The program under the new lab chose six finalists, out of it, the winner was Journey Foods; a nutrition company which manufactures micro foods was awarded $15000 from the company and a year of office space in the lab.