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Asia Debut: Google Unveils its...


Asia Debut: Google Unveils its Solar Power Project in Taiwan

Asia Debut: Google Unveils its Solar Power Project in Taiwan
The Silicon Review
19 Febuary, 2019

Tech behemoth, Google unveils its solar project in Asia. It will be the first ever water-based renewable energy project in Asia.The company is setting up solar panels atop several fishing ponds in Taiwan. This new move by the company marks its entry into the renewable energy market in the Asian region.

For setting up the 10MW solar array, poles will be installed with solar panels atop the fishing ponds. The idea for the new solar project is known as “flotovoltaics”.Since most of the other water-based solar projects use structures like pontoons (to keep the solar panels floating), the new development is more effective and unique.

As per reports, the company hasn’t decided about the installation process of the solar panels.

Currently, Google is focusing on setting up a concept called canopy system, allowing the solar panels to be hoisted atop the poles.

According to a report by Taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute, the new solar project could boost fishing yields in the region because of the elevated panels. The panels could provide optimal room for the fishes along with shade.

The new concept by Google may also boost logistics operations since floating solar projects can be installed close to the existing electricity transmission infrastructure at hydropower units.

Google has joined hands with few other companies for the new solar project, i.e. New Green Power, Diode Ventures, Taiyen Green Energy, and J&V Energy. The expected completion time for the project is 2020.