American Researchers are developing an AI system for Robots to help soldiers

American Researchers are developing an AI system for Robots to help soldiers
The Siliconreview
08 April, 2019

A team of scientists in America are working on AI systems for robots. The AI systems are designed specifically for helping robots to assist soldiers during wartime in the future.

In order to carry out the research, the scientists from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the US and University of Buffalo observed the brain activities of the soldiers during certain tasks. The observation was made to find techniques to incorporate AI teaming so that tasks are completed dynamically.

A member from ARL stated that the technologies that can recognizebehavior and the state of a soldier can also develop a more optimized team.

The collaborative work is finding methods to coordinate the dynamics and the architecture of the human brain.

In an attempt to achieve their mission, the researchers first wanted to understand the mechanism of the brain in relation to coordination while carrying out a specific task.

The researchers took a computational approach to figure out the mechanism that maybecharacterized to inform the behavioral prediction process.

Post which, the researchers completed the study by mapping different regions of the brain. It helped them to learn about how the regions are connected to one another among 30 people via white matter, tracts of tissue.

The maps were turned into computational models once the process was completed. The maps were present on each of the subject’s brain.

Computers were used to stimulate the future of a person’s brain if any region of it gets stimulated.

In the end, the researchers completed the synchronization process of the brain with the help of a mathematical framework. The process of the brain was measured across different cognitive systems in the stimulations.