Microsoft Rolls out Azure blockchain Services

Microsoft Rolls out Azure blockchain Services
The Siliconreview
04 May, 2019

Microsoft has rolled out new blockchain services ahead of its Build developer conference. Dubbed as Azure blockchain services, it will helpa consortium of networks to create, manage and control blockchain networks, saidMicrosoft.

Businesses will be able to create applications on top of blockchain technology with the new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. The services are integrated with Azure Active Directory. It will also provide tools for adding new members, setting permissions and keeping an eye over the network’s health and activity.

Last year, the company unveiled a new blockchain-based app development service called Azure Blockchain Workbench. The service was created to automate aspects of blockchain-related which a streamlined blockchain app development provided an infrastructure for the developer.

The software giant joined hands with NASDAQ last year. NASDAQ integrated Microsoft’s blockchain technology into its financial framework to make the transaction process fast.

Coming to the other part of the blockchain package, the company has also introduced an extension to Visual Studio Code. It will assist developers to develop smart contracts. Through the extension, Visual Studio Code users can develop and compile smart contracts based on Etherum. The users can also deploy them on a consortium network in Azure Blockchain Service. Azure DevOps will manage the code.

Developing applications for the smart contracts is also going to be a lot easier , a lot more because of integration with Microsoft’s two integration service- Logic Apps and Flow.

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