United States has developed a missile that shoots out giant knives

United States has developed a missile that shoots out giant knives
The Siliconreview
14 May, 2019

The United States has reportedly developed a new type of aerial weapon that can take out human targets on the ground without any significant collateral damage. Unlike conventional weapons that have an explosive warhead, this new weapon, known as R9X, instead releases giant knives that easily take out human targets, leaving buildings, streets as well as bystanders unharmed. The R9X, like other air-dropped bombs, can be fixed on a bomber or even a predator drone. Although the Pentagon never acknowledged its usage, it was reportedly used to take out a high ranking member of Al Qaeda in Syria and another high-value target who was an Egyptian national.

The weapon was developed during the Obama Administration and its complete usage history has been kept under wraps. Some military experts would agree that using such a weapon is immensely beneficial as it reduces the number of casualties that are often caught in the crossfire or an explosive’s range. The war in Iraq has resulted in the near complete destruction of the country’s infrastructure and the deaths of over 2 million innocent civilians. The primary reason for such wanton death and destruction is the use of advanced high explosives and missiles.

Most high-value targets are usually eliminated using Hellfire missiles fired from Predator drones. However, the Hellfire missiles end up destroying neighboring structures and killing civilians. The R9X aims to break away from that and minimize collateral damage.