Ways to level-up the customer experience

Ways to level-up the customer experience
The Siliconreview
25 July, 2019

Great customer experience (CX) is about thinking solution first. At best, it solves athe problem before it happens – creating a seamless, uplifting experience for the customer. Some strategies you can employ to create great experiences include collaborative approaches that use internal and external channels. To find out more, read on below.

Create more interactions with your customer

Seeking customer feedback shouldn’t only happen after a service experience. It needs to be a constant monitoring process that uses all the communication channels between your business and your customers. Developing easier ways for customers to speak with you should be included in your CX strategy. Identify what channels you use and what you don’t use (can you start exploring those too?).

A previous study showed that 64 per cent of consumers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time. A couple of channels you could explore to help  meet this expectation are live-chat, or a chatbot on your website. Live chat delivers the ‘always on’ responsiveness that customers now expect and you can provide immediate solutions for them. A chatbot provides your customer with round-the-clock access to information and interaction with your business.

Personalise your customer experience

Identifying your customers’ individual needs and communicating to them in a non- invasive way can be a challenge. To make things easier, use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

A CRM allows you to identify customer preferences and habits. It tracks their journey through your website or app from arrival, the onboarding process and then finally, to their sales conversion. For example, with a CRM you can identify a unique customer who only ever buys black tea from your store. Knowing this information can help you tailor your marketing, personalising messages that help to build relationships by sending them relevant information.

As a result of this information, you have a great way to directly market relevant sales Offerings, showing customers thoughtful communications instead of an onslaught of emails or phone calls not related to their personal interaction with your company.

Collaborate for good

Building feedback loops between your customer-facing channels and your design and  content teams can help ensure customers receive the best possible service and experience possible collaborative processes enable problem-solving in your CX. For example, when content writers talk to customer-facing staff and check external channels for patterns, they can develop  FAQs to publish on your website based on real-life questions the customer service team to deal with. Or, when designers talk to call centre agents and monitor the CRM patterns, they can map the customer journey and identify customer  pain points in the on-boarding and conversion process.

Use technology to inform marketing for the best CX results

As the world continues to digitise, using technology to better understand your customers will help your business deliver a competitive CX. In addition, pursuing education such as a Master of Marketing can also introduce new ways of ensuring that a business can level up customer service.