Chobani CMO

Chobani CMO
The Siliconreview
30 August, 2019

Chobani, the yogurt manufacturer has just appointed its long-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Peter McGuiness as its president. McGuiness had served as the company’s CMO for 6 years and oversaw various crucial factors regarding the company’s advertising and growth efforts. As part of the new role, McGuiness would be responsible for numerous aspects of the overall business, including research and development, sustainable manufacturing, and supply chain logistics. He would be reporting directly to the CEO and founder of Chobani, HamdiUlukaya.

Peter’s promotion is part of the organization-wide efforts to promote internal talent and breakdown barriers to achieving greater integration. Moreover, Peter’s appointment comes at a time when the yogurt industry as a whole is facing slowdowns. But the company’s yogurt business has managed to remain strong. Chobani has rolled out a new type of yogurt that is low in sugar and a range of coconut flavored yogurts that is plant-based, to accommodate the emerging popularity of vegan options. These are products of innovations at the company for which Peter McGuiness has reportedly made significant contributions.

Peter McGuiness also mentioned that Chobani was planning on expanding over to other categories to consolidate its market share. The expansion, although being a significant investment for the yogurt manufacturer, would also control parts of packaging and distribution that is often outsourced to others.

McGuiness’s appointment comes at a time when CMO roles are continuing to expand and they are tasked with identifying new market opportunities.