Parker Fitzgerald is now acquired by Accenture

Parker Fitzgerald is now acquired by Accenture
The Siliconreview
21 August, 2019

Parker Fitzgerald is said to have successful track record in terms of aiding customers through the disruption that is ever increasing and uncertain. The CEO of Accenture – Tara Brady did say that his firm’s consulting and digital capabilities will become a strong differentiator that will enhance the company in terms of financial institutions. This is because Tara feels that Parker Fitzgerald has a good combination of assurance expertise and risk advisory. According to Tara, financial service companies continue to content with the impact of economic and geopolitical uncertainties.

Even the Founder and CEO of Parker Fitzgerald - Scott Vincent did say that his firm is helping clients with their performance. This is done in a rapidly evolving risk environment. The firm also confirms that this is the highest priority and keeping that in mind Parker Fitzgerald collaborating with Accenture will provide both firms with profit. Scott further did mention Accenture has a huge scale and scope in the market. It is also coupled with data and tech in the financial sector. Now that it is stepping into the service sector this new move by Accenture to acquire Parker Fitzgerald will aid it in the long run and give it a good path to take in the future.