Segway-Ninebot adds a trio to its AI mobility arsenal

Segway-Ninebot adds a trio to its AI mobility arsenal
The Siliconreview
21 August, 2019

Segway-Ninebot, a Chinese scooter company unveiled three new products in an event that was held in Beijing. The unveiled AI mobility products are KickScooter T60, Segway outdoor DeliveryBot X1, and Segway DeliveryBot S2. The launch of these products highlighted Segway’s growth in product development and its innovative approach in incorporating AI in its products. The company is expected to pilot the products by next quarter and the main motto of the products is to drastically change the economics of delivery and scooter sharing.

Scootersharing companies pay executives to collect the scooters at end of the day for recharge but the AI mobility feature in T60 will autonomously drive the vehicle to charging ports for recharge. Scootershare companies are always on a lookout to streamline the operations; T60 will be significantly beneficial to those companies. The vision-based navigation feature will allow the operators to remotely control the scooter and also the scooter has manual piloting for short-distance commute.

Segway DeliveryBot2 was the second launch of the event; it is an indoor delivery robot which can easily adapt to most of the indoor environment. The navigation system is combined with a visual sensor to increase the accuracy of the location and eliminate blind spots. Segway Deliverybot X1 is an outdoor delivery robot which combines advanced path planning with dynamic obstacle avoidance algorithm to carry out the hassle-free movement. It has the ability to identify traffic lights and smartly overtake vehicles to increase efficiency. The Segway DeliveryBot x1 is water-resistant which makes it immune to rain and other water-related damages. Several features like cloud service, wireless dispatch, and wireless charging are also included in these scooters.