Toyota bets on preferred Networks for Robotic Development

Toyota bets on preferred Networks for Robotic Development
The Siliconreview
07 August, 2019

Toyota Motors Corp has chosen a Japanese AI startup for accelerating robotic development. The latest innovation which Toyota is working on is arobot helper for homes. Preferred Networks Incwould be working with the automaker for the development.

Both the companies said on Wednesday that they will conduct joint research to develop so-called service robots that have the potential to learn in typical living environments.  These companies have been working together since 2014 for autonomous cars.

According to Toyota, it would provide 12 units of Human Support Robot to Preferred networks for the new development. Over the next three years, both the companies will cooperate on development, including sharing of intellectual property.

On the other hand, the AI startup has already deployed the robot as a platform for advanced AI software.

Over the years, Toyota is looking to transform and acclimatize to technology such as automated driving and taxi service, which is affecting the automobile space. The company has been focusing on service robots since the last 14 years and has a number of models under development. But the new development is a promising one for commercial applications.

The Japanese car manufacturer has considered robots as part of their efforts towards the new development, where it wants to deploy them in hospitals and homes to support the old aged population.

The piece of information was taken from Reuters.