Apple Arcade releases earlier than the planned release date

Apple Arcade releases earlier than the planned release date
The Siliconreview
17 September, 2019

The new Apple Arcade feature which was supposed to release on the 19th of September has been made available earlier for a select few users using iOS 13 or iOS13.1 beta. Announced in March 2019, this new video subscription feature from Apple has an amazing game line-up which was being developed by experts. Apple charges an amount of $4.99 for a month while also offering a month of free services. A maximum of six members can make use of this subscription on an iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, a MacBook or an Apple TV.

“When Apple Arcade launches on the App Store on September 19, players around the world will start to get their hands on games that have been years in the making. The developers behind them have woven artistry, curiosity and a lot of heart into a curated selection of diverse, fresh games made possible by Apple Arcade” was a report from Apple in regard to the online gaming arcade which is going to be made available in 150 countries from the 19th of September.

The feature also supports the use of an Xbox or Playstation controller in order to explore the 100+ games soon to be released. Furthermore, the update will be made available on all iPhones from 6s onwards making use of iOS13.