Blockchain Is All Set To Massively Revolutionize The Marketing Sector

Blockchain Is All Set To Massively Revolutionize The Marketing Sector
The Siliconreview
20 September, 2019

The marketing landscape has significantly changed in the past decade and now it is all set to undergo a revolution because of blockchain. Digital marketing is mostly associated with things like analytics and AI, but blockchain will emerge as the most disruptive technology to bring transformation in every industry. Blockchain technology is used to make a transaction between two parties without third party involvement. Features of blockchain are used in crypto-currencies and finance, but the core technology can be beneficial for marketing. One of the most appealing factors of this tech is that it provides the value of data back to consumers.

Up until now, most of the companies have been benefitted from the data acquired from their customers. Retail stores collect user data like email address, phone number, and address to even make a simple purchase in-store. In one way it is beneficial to the customers because the company can market personally to them. But on the other side, the method seems invasive and it also points out that the company is selling user data that they gather for monetary benefits. Blockchain will eliminate this by making it impossible for companies to acquire customer data without compensating them for its value.

Blockchain will avert confusing Ads and reduce intermediaries in the process to deliver cost-efficient results. The impact that is expected will not be restricted to new use cases. Instead, the tech can be used to take a giant stride in the methods used to manage the digital market place.