Elevate Labs Launches new Meditation app

Elevate Labs Launches new Meditation app
The Siliconreview
06 September, 2019

Elevate Labs, a mental-fitness startup, has revealed a unique app where users can learn meditation through a live coach and this product is called Balance. The app will provide pre-recorded content to the users and also keep a note on their goals, meditating experience, and other activities. 

Jesse Pick, the founder, and CEO of Elevate Labs said in regard to mediation that “a combination of dozens and dozens of clips woven together that’s personalized to you.”

The experience of the users will be monitored by the app, which will make the profile more organized. Leah Santa Cruz will write and deliver the meditation contents. 

Other meditation experts will work for the platform.

The app is available to the users for free for ten days. If any users would like to get full access, then they must purchase it by paying $11.99/ month, $49.99/ year or $199.99 for a lifetime subscription. 

In addition to the meditations, the app also provides a list of activities for better sleep. 

Earlier, the company was called MindSnacks, it developed games based on language learning before launching a brain training app known as Elevate that supposedly been downloaded 25 million times and won Apple’s App of the Year Award in 2014.

The new launch is a big move by the company in terms of innovation and sustainability.