First Cobalt to deliver a definitive feasibility study (DFS) on the Ontario refinery

First Cobalt to deliver a definitive feasibility study (DFS) on the Ontario refinery
The Siliconreview
06 September, 2019

European based mining company First Cobalt is appointing new engineers from Ausenco, Canada to prepare a detailed study pertaining to refineries, which also include a definitive feasibility study and advanced metallurgical test works. The engineers are also focusing on environmental changes that occur due to mining in that region.

This new project will be partnered by Glasenberg led group which will prove the firm with technical support regarding the study phase and will also provide XPS-Expert process solutions. Once the studies get over and data output is available, a company named Glencore will advance the research work further and will expand the refinery, that helps to serve the needs of North American electric vehicle market as the refineries contain Lithium which can be used in the batteries.

According to the recent reports the studies will be completed by 2020, which will include the complete information about the refinery, an interim scenario and the current capacity of the refinery with scoping-level studies previously completed by Ausenco.

First Cobalt reported that work will begin by the end of November, and the study will be conducted on field refinery, which will check the system and equipment set up in the refinery to gain more knowledge about the region and to upgrade or replace the outdated systems and to replace equipment’s if damaged. This helps to learn about the Ontario refinery and the effect of mining on the environment.