Gmail changes look; adopts dark mode

Gmail changes look; adopts dark mode
The Siliconreview
25 September, 2019

Gmail has made a huge announcement that will change the face of the popular mailing service. They have finally started rolling out the dark mode for android and iOS users. This change will cause the trademark white background to transition to black. Gmail announced that this update is available for most of its users and the ones that are having trouble transitioning will be able to access the change within fifteen days.

On Tuesday, the mailing service tweeted saying, “Dah dahdahdum da dadum da da: Dark theme is coming to Gmail on mobile.” The tweet had a fun and carefree tone whilst announcing the change which was its biggest in a long while.

Dark mode provides many benefits for Gmail users. It causes the content to stand out providing better visibility. Dark pixels also use up lesser battery hence enhancing the battery life of mobiles. Certain studies also say that the dark colour is healthier on the eyes and prevents a lot of strain.

This feature has been gaining popularity with a lot of other platforms like twitter as well. Facebook recently announced that the app plans on testing this feature on their interface. Samsung galaxy smartphones and Apple's iOS and MacOS software have this option available.