Before the butcher: A pioneer for meatless meat

Before the butcher: A pioneer for meatless meat
The Siliconreview
23 September, 2019

In 2017, a sales manager from Beyond Meat left his job to start his own startup in the vegan meat industry. Danny O’Malley started Before the Butcher along with his knowledge of customer’s expectations from his previous job and a keen understanding of the industry. His startup manufactures vegan and meatless chicken, turkey, chorizo and multiple other offerings that promote a clean and meatless lifestyle. Since the establishment of the company in April 2018, it has had a lot of success with its flagship brand: UNCUT. As veganism is an emerging trend, there isn’t a lot of competition which helped O’Malley gain an edge over his competitors with capturing the market.

"Beyond Meat was still small at the time and we were trying to educate people and drum up sales for the products. But I knew early on that this innovation was going to be explosive.I was in a sales role and not in R&D. But I knew what the market wanted because I spoke with retailers and consumers all the time. Consumers were demanding more variety than just the meatless patties," said the budding entrepreneur in an interview.

UNCUT goes beyond offering the same patties by selling a variety of products like sausages, chunks, patties, pulled meat, etc. in a variety of flavours like chicken, turkey, beef and pork.