Motorola to arrive into the 5G enabled smartphone era

Motorola to arrive into the 5G enabled smartphone era
The Siliconreview
09 September, 2019

Motorola had a huge announcement to make at the Internationale Funkausstellung 2019 which is being held in Germany presently. The phone maker decided to make an entrance into the 5G enabled smartphone era in order to keep at par with its competitors. Motorola has long since been known for its budget and midrange smartphones having great quality. But in order to keep up with the rising competition filled with up and coming technologies like 5G and foldable phones, they felt the need to innovate and enter into the premium phone section, since Francoise LaFlamme, the head of Motorola’s Global Marketing Strategy, feels that lowering the prices will compel the brand to compromise on some key elements.

"If you put out a $399 5G phone, you're going to have to sacrifice a lot of the elements that people value," said LaFlamme in a recent statement. Motorola’s premium flagship phone endorsing a hefty price tag is all set to compete with devices like OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and Samsung’s Galaxy A90 5G both of which are currently priced over $800.

Operating within the parent-company Lenovo, Motorola has recently made a profit in a very long time by cutting out certain extra products and eliminating unnecessary staff. LaFlamme hopes that the company will carve a niche for itself in the new-age industry by upping its technology and focusing on the target markets.