Tesla acts as a savior for tel...


Tesla acts as a savior for telecom industries in Zimbabwe

Tesla acts as a savior for telecom industries in Zimbabwe
The Silicon Review
05 September, 2019

Zimbabwe is relying on Tesla Inc. to support its power shortage.  The Powerwall2 batteries will help in reshaping the telecom networks that operate locally. It is very common for Zimbabwe to face a shortage of physical cash. To overcome this problem the country has embraced digital transaction system that is carried out through mobiles. Unfortunately there is a power outage of 18 hours per day, during this time the telecom companies are mostly dependent on diesel generators to keep the structures working. The whole operation is carried out smoothly but the country also faces fuel scarcity due to which the process is unstable.

The telecom industry plays a prominent role in keeping the economy alive; if the power is down people cannot carry out any transactions. EcoCash is the country’s widely used mobile money system. The system is not dependent on diesel generators or unstable grid to power its operation; instead, it makes use of tesla’s Powerwall2 batteries. The project by EcoCash requires the company to install a duo of Powerwalls batteries in the base station. The entire operation requires the company to install 520 Powerwalls. The project is just a beginning in Tesla’s venture because Econet has more than 1,300 base stations.

Base stations are normally powered by solar panels but if there is a shortage in productivity the Powerwalls can support the base for 10 hours. Tesla recently mentioned that it is working closely with many telecommunication companies to expand its business in a location where there is power scarcity.