Updated Logo of Twitch Sends Subtle Message to Streamers

Updated Logo of Twitch Sends Subtle Message to Streamers
The Siliconreview
27 September, 2019

Twitch revamped its logo and added brighter purple in its redesigned look. The new updates are very subtle, but it is the first time since eight years of launch that it has received a refresh. The move to renovate the logo was part of the company’s brand marketing effort to tell users that Twitch is more than just astreaming video platform.

The new design was in making for a year and the whole idea of updating was to future-proof the brand. Executive creative director, Byron Phillipson, stated: “Twitch is a brand that is loved by a lot of people, and we want to be very considerate to our community.” The new-look will have a big ad campaign that is all set to feature some of the biggest names on the platform.

Twitch stated that the updated version of the logo is bigger and friendlier than the previous version. The new logo portrays retro-game aesthetics and the new font is inspired by retro Moog synthesizer. The company also stated that it introduced a new tool for creators which will allow them to express themselves. Twitch emotes didn’t get an update; will remain unchanged, Twitch further stated.

The new-look was introducedprior to TwitchCon 2019 (an annual convention) and was used in various online ads and teaser videos.TwitchCon is scheduled to take place from September 27–29, 2019 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Twitch, launched in 2011, was formerly known as Later, it was acquired for $970 million by Amazon in 2014.