Bob Stutz to return to SAP after retiring from Salesforce

Bob Stutz to return to SAP after retiring from Salesforce
The Siliconreview
22 October, 2019

After spending four eventful years at Salesforce, former head Bob Stutz announced that he would be returning to SAP as the President of Customer Experience post his retirement at Salesforce. The popular veteran executive has had an adventurous career which included stints at many popular companies including Siebel Systems, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce. He is popularly recognised for his reputed skill of taking companies to elevated levels and contributing to various acquisitions. Stutz also tweeted regarding his future move to Germany after joining hands with Salesforce.

“Stutz was the reason Salesforce could grow in the Marketing Cloud and analytics areas. He fixed a lot of the fundamental architectural and development issues at Salesforce, and he did most of the big work in the first 12 months. He got the acquisitions going, as well. SAP has a big portfolio, from CallidusCloud to Hybris to Qualtrics, to put together. Bob is the guy you bring in to take a team to the nextlevel,”saidConstellation Research founder and principal analyst Ray Wang.

SAP is a German based company that specialises in enterprise resource planning. Headquarted in Waldorf, Germany it has 180 regional offices in various countries. Its major function is to manage business operations and customer relations.