Facebook Unveils Thread, a new app For Instagram

Facebook Unveils Thread, a new app For Instagram
The Siliconreview
04 October, 2019

Facebook is introducing a new app for Instagram, the company confirmed on Thursday. Dubbed as Thread, the camera messaging app for the photo-sharing platform mainly focuses on photos but also connects users with small groups of friends.

“The way we use data from other parts of Facebook and Instagram to deliver relevant ads to you remains the same,” said Facebook.

The app is similar like Snapchat but its launch knocked 5% off Snap Inc’s shares in afternoon trading on Thursday.

According to Facebook, the app allows users to post and battery status with sharing location with their close friends on Instagram.

Coming to the opt-in feature, which is called auto status, will carry out auto-updates for the battery life and status based on current location of the users. The information will not be used for ads since its will be specific for thread.

Instagram has been the focusing point for the Mark Zuckerberg led the company as it has been generating good amount of revenue since lawmakers have been keeping an eye on its main platform regarding the spread of false news and misinformation.

In November 2018, Instagram rolled out a feature called Close Friends, which enables users to share their post only with some selected users.