Here's 5 Surprising Benefits of Virtual Private Network for Your Business

Here's 5 Surprising Benefits of Virtual Private Network for Your Business
The Siliconreview
07 October, 2019

With 4,354,264,849 Internet Users in the world, the internet manages 3,264,309,665GB data every single second which includes 121,454,179,412 emails and 3,193,257,825 Google searches every single day. So how do these numbers affect you as a business owner?

Well, chances are that you and your employees communicate over the internet internally or externally. All kind of data is shared among the team as well as clients.

With the increase in data usage, the internet is becoming a scary medium. Business is vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that by 2021, annually cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion. Having said that, any breach or leak of your business information can create huge damage to your brand and cost you millions.

A VPN forms a tunnel to block unusual threats in the day to day online business data transfer systems. So let's discuss the 5 surprising benefits of using a VPN for your business.

#1 Public Wi-Fi

Remote work culture is becoming more popular across the globe. To get the work done, it's no longer required to be at your desk all the time. People prefer to work from co-working space, home, cafe and even from the beachside. Remote workers are bound to access the internet with the public Wi-Fi connections available in those places.

However, it’s not popularly known that using public Wi-Fi is actually really dangerous, you are always in a threat to get hacked quite easily. Hacking public WiFi is just a simple Google search away, in fact, a 7 years old kid hacked public WiFi in 11 mins. The danger of using public WiFi is real, hackers commonly create fake hotspots and steal the data from the connected devices.

To avoid such a hassle, you can use a simple VPN solution to safeguard your sensitive data. By connecting through VPN you immediately create an encrypted tunnel to the internet. The risk of getting hacked is not entirely eliminated, but anyone trying to intercept your online activities through the insecure WiFi will be find out that the data they intercept is meaningless as all they get to see is encrypted garbage.  

 #2 Support Remote Workforce

If remote work is the future, the future is here. As per the report of Remote, 66% of organizations allow remote work and 16% are fully remote. In the UK 4.2 million adults regularly work from home. With the growing trends, companies have started providing work from home to reduce the commute time and for the ease of working from anywhere and anytime.

For improving the security and privacy of your business data, make it mandatory for your workers to use a VPN. With a high quality VPN provider like NordVPN, your remote workers can create secure online connections to your business information from anywhere across the globe. The most crucial purpose of a VPN is to secure the communication between the user and the business computer network.

#3 Online Research

We live in an era of the internet. Many businesses are not restricted to a single geographical location. Any company can go out and do business in any place and every place across the globe when the internet comes into play. But to succeed in a different region you need to know the online competition. Who are top-ranking competitors, what kinds of google ads and content are they using?

Being in Boston you won't be able to perform a local search of Barbados. Here you can use a trustworthy VPN providerto check local search results. With the help of a VPN, you can change your online location without being tracked and monitored by a search engine such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo Bing so and so forth. You can switch between countries and cities consistently without being blocked. 

#4 Bypass IP Banning

In this competitive business world, every entrepreneur aims to level up their game. There is no shortcut available, you can do it the old school marketing way. But if you want to scale up rapidly, you have to get into aggressive marketing mode on the online platform. Content needs to be published across the channels very consistently. Due to aggressiveness, platforms like Facebook, Forbes, and Reddit detect users IP’s and block their activities. This stops your effort of being consistent.

However, technology is your best friend. If your business is using Virtual Private Network, you can easily get through this blocking. By connecting to a VPN server, along with your current location, your IP address is also changed. Having said that now you change your IP address to eliminate tracking, monitoring and blocking of any website. Go out and distribute as much content as you like.

#5 Utilize Geo-Targeting

These days geo-targeting is becoming common practice to deliver custom content based on a customer’s geo-location. Multi-language website targets multiple countries in the native language as per the region. Delivering content in the regional language can be very beneficial to increase conversion rate and build a brand across the globe. 

To achieve this, you can utilize a VPN to know how your competitors are doing in a particular region, and analyze their local strategies. VPN won't just help you understand your competitors but also analyze your geo-targeting efforts. By using an effective business VPN solution, you can strategically create effective content plans that help you increase your business revenue in any region across the globe.