Benq secures BYOD streaming of video and presentation With InstaShow.

Benq secures BYOD streaming of video and presentation With InstaShow.
The Siliconreview
22 October, 2019

The use of own devices for work purposes is continuing to rise, and this major trend of BYOD is noticeably changing the landscape of the workplace. This trend is massively beneficial to employees because they have the freedom to work from devices that they seem is easy to cope with. This, in turn, increases mobility and productivity. One of the significant benefits of BYOD is employee satisfaction, and this, therefore, contributes to higher outcomes and better profits. There is a massive hurdle in implementing BYOD, which is enterprise security, and only with proper guidelines and infrastructure, it will be possible to reap the benefits of BYOD fully.

Recently Benq offered a solution called InstaShow for collaborative presentation and video streaming. Thirty-two employees can be connected in the stream, and each participant can share their content on the screen with colleagues. A complex configuration is not required for InstaShow because it works under plug and play motto. WLAN 802.11 ac is present in InstaShow, and it ensures a high rate of data transmission on the wireless networks. The system load is marginal because a separate CPU is present to process the contents. Benq InstaShow has a competitive edge over other devices because it has encrypted communication that is exclusive to senders and receivers. Benq uses 128-bit data encryption in conjunction with the WPA2 authentication protocol for the safe integration of devices.