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Microsoft Expands its Airband ...


Microsoft Expands its Airband Initiative to South America and Africa

Microsoft Expands its Airband Initiative to South America and Africa
The Silicon Review
10 October, 2019

Microsoft is looking to connect 40 million more people to the internet by 2022. The mission is a part of its Airband initiative which was introduced in 2017. The main goal of Airband initiative is to provide good internet connection in the rural cities of America. Now, it’s aiming to do the same across Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company has deployed unused TV white space (TVWS) operating in the 600 MHz spectrum to provide a broadband internet connection to 3 million people in America. In rest of the world, however, its efforts to provide the same will depend on both TVWS and other innovative technologies.

In order to understand detailed requirements of each area, Microsoft aims to join hands with local organizations; carryout operations with the government to eliminate regulatory obstacles to the technology and work with ISPs to provide internet access to end-users.

According to the company, its international efforts towards delivering good internet connectivity across the globe have produced some positive results. In the Latin America region, the tech giant has used TVWS technology to connect two schools and five farms with the internet in Colombia.

Moreover, it has also injected capital with local ISPs to extend internet access to 6 million people living in the rural parts of Colombia.

While in Africa, the company has put efforts to deregulate TVWS technology on TVWS technology in Ghana; in a move that will allow one broadband provider to offer its services to as many as 800,000 people.