The arrival of Disney Streaming Service becomes the rise of the decade

The arrival of Disney Streaming Service becomes the rise of the decade
The Siliconreview
11 November, 2019

Netflix now has got its new high-profile streaming rivals the Disney plus/Disney+ after several years of unchecked dominance in the U.S. streaming-video industry. Disney Plus arrival is exciting and every trumpet in the world of streaming is blowing on its behalf.

The streaming industry which is considered as the top-notch business in America for a decade is now getting a new streaming site. The number of streaming subscribers around the world is approximately 613 million, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. Disney Plus with its treasure trove of franchises costs $7 monthly fee, which lets its subscribers download or watch videos upto an extended limit and it is a first-ever streaming app to allow its users to subscribe the extended views. This move by the firm has created a buzz not only in USA but also around the world.

“I think there is actually a long, very robust future for cable as well,these businesses will coexist. It’s not like one is going to go away and everything goes into the other,” said Frances Berwick, an NBCUniversal president who oversees Bravo, E! and Oxygen.

The rise of Disney Plus is creating a sensation, just like Thor slamming down his hammer: a quake that changes everything. The arrival of Disney’s new service is definitely going to set a trend and also will be giving tough completion to other streaming-video industries as well.