Michelin star chef has decided to eradicate meat from her restaurants

Michelin star chef has decided to eradicate meat from her restaurants
The Siliconreview
30 November, 2019

Dominique Crenn, an hotelier who owns three star Michelin restaurants, has made public her resolve to ban all meat products from her restaurants. The famous woman chef who is from the Brittany region in France believes in being accountable to the earth and following a sustainable practice. Her popular San Francisco eateries serve delicacies that are only vegetarian or contain fish. She has also said she might eradicate the use of fish in her restaurants over a period of time.

"What people haven't talked about is [since] I opened Petit Crennin 2015, it's been fully vegetarian and pescatarian, we didn't have any meat there. But I never advertised it.And then Atelier has been meat free for the last two years. I'm not a pescatarian, I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm also a conscious person. And I know the impact of the way that we fix meat nowadays is not good. It's killing us, it's killing the planet,” said Dominique Crenn in a statement to CNN journalists.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants List had featured Dominique Crenn as the world’s best female chef in 2016. The legend who had been diagnosed with cancer had claimed that she was successfully free of the disease in an interview earlier this year. She is a champion of gender equality in the culinary field.