Pod planes could be the next big step for aviation

Pod planes could be the next big step for aviation
The Siliconreview
25 November, 2019

Pod planes, a revolutionary modular design, could transform the way air travel is conducted. In this model the part carrying the cargo can be detached in order to attain better speeds and an enhanced flying experience. The detachable part will help is saving time whilst unloading cargo which can promote various weight capacities. The versatile mechanism is designed in such a way as to allow the pods to be hung from the aviation mechanism.

"Although it may be brilliant from an engineering point of view, it is going to be very tough to make it work commercially. It would need to compete with proven and well-established technologies, and, frankly, it is dubious whether the market will be ready for such a radical new concept, even in the long term.In any case, if the concept is ever to take off, I would see it working for cargo first.Our role is not to manufacture the Link & Fly but to accompany OEMs [Original Equipment Manufacturers] in the development of future, multi-modal transportation systems," are some of the statements that are received from the makers of the innovative design.

The use of biofuels and liquid hydrogen are also being looked into to power the designs by Clip-Air, one the behemoths designing the pods.