Salesforce plays the multi-cloud game with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Salesforce plays the multi-cloud game with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
The Siliconreview
18 November, 2019

Salesforce is all set to play the multi-cloud game for its infrastructure unit and it is also crafting broader partnerships that are likely to give the firm a pricing breaks. As San Francisco is ready to host Dreamforce, many new innovations, services, capabilities, and pep talks are being held at the event. Salesforce is eyeing to implant its own infrastructure far more interesting than before.

The company has signed and has entered into various contractual commitments which mainly focus on its infrastructure and service providers. Salesforce in a recent statement also stated that it runs its own data centers too, with flexibility and data privacy. The firm is executing what most of the enterprise needs to leverage which is a multi-cloud environment, to prevent incumbent vendors.

Salesforce is partnering with Google Cloud and Microsoft that isa win- win enough to keep costs down statement. It is likely to move the G suite for Google and the BigQuery, for joint customer analytics. Microsoft also wants to win SaaS providers over Azure to be a success to hold off Slack.

AWS is also looking for the right channel to help Salesforce in order to use an ancillary product in exchange for computing, storage, and other services. Simply put, Salesforce could be held over a barrel by AWS in future negotiations. Salesforce has more leverage with Microsoft and Google because it can offer more product integration points.