The Future Is Electric: Why Should You Invest In An Electric Vehicle?

The Future Is Electric: Why Should You Invest In An Electric Vehicle?
The Siliconreview
08 November, 2019

Electric vehicles have begun to grow in popularity in recent years with the likes of Tesla and Nissan selling thousands of cars per year but with a number of us still opting for the conventional car what is there available to help us make the switch? In this article, we will be looking into why you should invest in an electric car for your next run around.

Government Grants

One of the biggest benefits to investing in electric vehicles is the government grants that are available to you. Though this can differ depending on the style of car you are buying the government grant is designed to help cover a fraction of the cost. With a subsidy of £3,500 towards a fully electric car, this can help to cover the cost of the charging station in your home as well as the some of the best EV charging cables UK has to offer. This was put in place by the British government to encourage a new wave of car buyers to go green in an attempt to lower carbon emissions.

Cheaper Running Costs

Another benefit to an electric vehicle is the cheaper running costs, not only is there a complete lack of fuel needed but the mileage of the batteries has improved significantly. This not only helps to regulate the number of miles between each charge, but it helps to ensure a reasonable life expectancy of the batteries. This is important when buying an electric vehicle as you want the car to be running smoothly every time you get in it to drive.

Reduction Of Carbon Footprint

An electric vehicle, as well as hybrids, are the ideal way to remove the carbon footprint surrounding your daily commute as there are zero-emissions coming from the car. This is not only great for the environment but is ideal for you as there is next to no tax to pay on your electric vehicle. Though this is one of the main reasons for many opting to purchase an electric vehicle, this can also make your daily routine far more enjoyable with modern-day technology providing comfort and style that you come to expect with modern-day vehicles on the market.

No Engine Maintenance Costs

Due to the lack of engine, there are a reduced number of components that need to be replaced allowing you to monitor the car's health throughout the course of ownership. Due to there being no engine the only part of the MOT that differs is the emissions test. Your car will still need to be checked for the following points with zero faults to be able to pass your MOT:

  • Lights Working Properly
  • Seatbelts
  • No windscreen cracks and chips
  • Windscreen wipers working
  • Steering with feels spinning freely
  • Legal tyre thickness
  • Adequate suspension
  • Checking for rust
  • Brake pads and discs in good condition

Whether you are looking to go electric in the near future or you are just looking at what options are available to you, the choice is completely up to you. Will you be trying your hand at driving and electric car yourself?