Details about Microsoft’s next Xbox has been released

Details about Microsoft’s next Xbox has been released
The Siliconreview
12 Decemebr, 2019

Details about the next Xbox to be launched by Microsoft have been disclosed and if rumours are to be believed, it is meant to be the best Xbox until date. The project named Project Scarlett has been disclosed by unnamed sources that are not authorised by Microsoft. According to the information that has been released there are two versions of the Xbox that is going to be released later next year: an expensive version named Anaconda, and a slightly cheaper version named Lockhart.

“Windows Central reports Anaconda is targeting 12 teraflops (TFLOPs) of compute power. FLOP stands for floating-point operations per second; a TFLOP is a trillion FLOPs. That’s 1012 FLOPs, an unimaginably large number. To get a rough idea of just how big that number is, if each FLOP was a mile, 12 TFLOPs would be roughly equivalent to 65,000 round trips between the earth and the sun. Anaconda is projected to have massive compute power, but comparison of current-gen consoles has shown that TFLOPS alone is not a good measure of expected performance,” said the statement in regard to the products that are to be released.

It has also been rumoured that the consoles of the two models will be more superior to the present generation ones that are circulating in the market today. HDMI 2.1  is also said to be used by both the models.