Microsoft Contextualizes Organizations Targeting Email Attack Campaigns

Microsoft Contextualizes Organizations Targeting Email Attack Campaigns
The Siliconreview
11 Decemebr, 2019

Email is the preferred method used by hackers to gain a foothold in organizations. Campaign view of the project is a new type of report that some Microsoft business customers can access, helps security teams to see how effective specific email attack campaigns have affected their business and avoided future ones.

Attackers change the sending infrastructures and even the hosting infrastructure for these attack sites within a single campaign. To try and get around defenses, they use these changes.  This campaign view helps users who have fallen prey to the attack to be detected and take initiations to remedy faster, and resolve code vulnerabilities that cause the attack to be successful, to use the vulnerability indicators to examine similar campaigns, and to search and monitor threats so that future attacks can be avoided.

These perceptions of campaigns often help security teams to serve the CISO and business peers more effectively, providing the company with safety for security teams. Campaign views are currently available to business customers in Office 365 ATP Plan 2 and as well as to those who have chosen the most comprehensive (i.e. E5) Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Security plans.