Start-ups and entrepreneurial insight

Start-ups and entrepreneurial insight
The Siliconreview
03 Decemebr, 2019

Research suggests that at any given point in time about 14% of the working population being surveyed is in the process of launching a new business. AN increasing number of freelancers and soloprenuers are on the road to entrepreneurship with the growing demand for autonomy and a wide range of possibilities available for the same. With the advent of ever-increasing competition in the market, it has become crucial for existing businesses to maintain a competitive edge, whereas the startup culture is on the surge. In order to steer clear of competition and to distinguish your business from others in terms of market reach and USP, it is important to adhere to certain guidelines that will help ensure the same.

Finding a mentor or someone who’ll ensure growth and give honest feedback is an important part of setting up a startup and becoming an entrepreneur. In order to submit yourself to criticism and influence, it is important to know that no matter how good you are at what you have set out to do, there is always room for improvement. Someone who can be trusted with confidential information while expecting constructive criticism and honest feedback helps a long way in this regard.

Shedding inhibitions and forgetting fears is another important aspect of setting up a startup and becoming an entrepreneur. This entails digging deeper for solutions and not giving up at the first sign of trouble. Making difficult decisions and taking risks forms an important part of an entrepreneur’s life. This entails not compromising work ethics and company goals in order to adhere to the market insight and common competition.

Sharing credit and opportunities is another such important requisite of being an entrepreneur. Unlike corporate working modules, a startup module does not involve a pre-written work profile that a person has to stay within and not colour outside the lines. In a startup module, any and all help should be welcomed and no hesitation shown in seeking advice and help. Working together has shown to yield better results. It is always a second and a third person’s perspective that helps to bring in a more distributed outlook and a more focused approach in an activity.

Not getting discouraged with a few trial and errors is another quality an entrepreneur looking at starting his own business ought to have. In order to gain a foothold in the market, there are a few scenarios that may appear unexpected that will tend to make you falter to an extent. But then again it depends on your perseverance and belief in your startup that will help you overcome this obstacle.

Improving the market while also trying to be an active part of it is what the startup culture has believed to have achieved in the past few years. Adding a new kind of dimension with a personalized USP in the existing frenzy should be the ultimate goal in mind. This is, however, not the only goal that will lead the initiative to fruition.