Astronomers say that a young star may explode soon

Astronomers say that a young star may explode soon
The Siliconreview
27 Decemebr, 2019

According to surveys and observations by astronomers, a young star named Betelgeuse may explode very soon according to the signs that have been recorded. This particular star already has records of exhibiting erratic behaviour with fluctuating brightness levels which astronomers have termed as “aggressive”. Another possibility to explain these symptoms is that the star may be going through a phase or turning into a supernova. This is the first star in more than a century that has exhibited such behaviour which leads astronomers to contemplate whether they are on the verge of reaching some extraordinary verge in the field of astronomy.

"What causes the supernova is deep inside the star.And because the star is so huge, it's impossible to tell what's going on so far down.It's a variable star, which means it regularly dims and brightens, in cycles that can last about 420 days. Betelgeuse has been in a normal dimming period over the past few months, but it's just dramatically accelerated compared to past years,” said Ed Guinan, an astronomy professor at Villanova University who has led a team in the observation of Betelgeuse.

Another puzzling observation about the star is that it is common for stars to get brighter as they shrink but Betelgeuse has been observed to be losing its brightness over the course of time.