Smart Mirror: IBM’s New Enhancement for Retail Store

Smart Mirror: IBM’s New Enhancement for Retail Store
The Siliconreview
15 April, 2019

IBM is a very well-known tech giant in today’s market and with its growth, it is aiming to be a tech giant even in the coming years. In order to do that it is working on a very new tech that is referred to as ‘Smart Mirror’. With this tech, IBM is planning to tie up with offline retailers. The product is said to launch in a retail store called Vero Mado. It is a fashion retailer in the market.

The product – ‘Smart Mirror’ is said to enhance the customer experience. Majorly focusing on customers who prefer offline shopping and it is said to improve the interactive fitting rooms. Customers and retailers will be connected digitally. The mirror will give a clear idea to the customer as to which product might suit them and how they can wear it. Suggest them what will go attire is a great way to improve sales. Mirror will recommend you clothes that will go good according to the customer’s personality, body type and more. For now, the plan of IBM is to convert more footfalls into an actual sale at clothing stores. The product seems to aid people who usually don’t go for online shopping. Let us see what happens in the future.