OhmniLabs Unveils New Robotics as a Service Platform

OhmniLabs Unveils New Robotics as a Service Platform
The Siliconreview
23 May, 2019

OhmniLabs, an American robotics company, has launched its new Robotics as a Service platform (RaaS). The company has been very serious about the robotic development process since it was started.

The company’s 5th Gen additive manufacturing process and modular robotics software and hardware stack have been leveraged in the new development. The development will help the company to introduce new robots to market in record time by joining hands with companies across the globe. The company’s partners will be able to manage the market, customers, and sales with the new RaaS offerings. On the other hand, the company will work with its partners onend-to-end technology, robotics, and production.

The company’s launch partners are Toppan Merrill LLC and dozens of robotics labs and dozens of startups around the world. Toppan Merrill LLC is a Japanese company that specializes in providing integrated solutions in the fields of electronics, printing, security, communications, décor materials, and packaging.

Apart from the new platform launch, OhmniLabs has added Dr James Kuffner to its advisory board. Mr Kuffner is the CEO of the Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development (TRI-AD).

Incorporated in 2015, OhmniLabs is located in Silicon Valley. The company helps businesses by providing demand-driven solutions. The main goal of the company is to boost the robotic development process with the help of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

The new development is a big boost for OhmniLabs in terms of innovation and creativity.