Here is Stoic, an App Which Tracks Mental Health

Here is Stoic, an App Which Tracks Mental Health
The Siliconreview
26 August, 2019

This new app helps people to track their emotions. Founded by Maciej Lobodzinski, an aspiring entrepreneur, Stoic is a journaling app which provides users, information of their mental health status.  It is backed by Y Combinator, an American seed accelerator.

Mr. Lobodzinski spoke to one of the Tech Crunch officials and said that his main aim is to provide information to the people about the factors which influence their emotional and mental state.

Using Stoic is easy: users need the app twice, once in the morning and again in the evening.  After using it, users will be asked to answer a few questions and perform few simple exercises.

Suppose a user is asked by the app to rate his/her current level of happiness in the evening, while also pointing the users to do exercises such as breathing and journaling.

So, if a user starts using the app for a couple of weeks, the person should be able to track and collect emotional data about some other days, and if there were activities that made the user feel more or less fulfilled.

Gradually, the company is likely to include more insights about what influenced a person or what made that person feel bad or good and the amount of productivity stored inside a person.

The users can also receive quotes from different schools of thought- not just Stoicism but also Buddhism, Taoism, and Catholicism.

Currently, the basic Stoic app is free but users have to pay a yearly fee of $27.99 to purchase the premium version.