Cooler Master’s NUC PC Case; Bigger than Intel’s and Smaller than Razer’s

Cooler Master’s NUC PC Case; Bigger than Intel’s and Smaller than Razer’s
The Siliconreview
08 January, 2020

Intel has announced a new initiative for modular gaming PCs that lets you swap modular CPU cartridges. PC component makers are supporting this initiative. Razer has announced its new Tomahawk enclosure and Cooler Master has announced its take called the NC100.

The NC100 enclosure comes with a baseboard that is designed in a manner that lets you plug in an Intel NUC Element and Cooler Master is providing one of its SFX-sized power supplies as well. Essentially, it’s a computer case, a place to house the computer's brain and a power supply for the system. To build a full-fledged gaming PC, the rest of the parts have to be bought separately including the NUC Element.

The enclosure is perfectly sized to fit a full-length graphics card of choice. The NC100 will set you back by around $199.99 when it starts shipping in Q2 2020 (April, tentatively). The features offered by Cooler Master’s NC100 are pretty similar to Razer’s offerings with Tomahawk. Razer also intends to sell the Tomahawk enclosure as an individual piece although the cost hasn’t been disclosed yet.

The key difference in Razer’s plans is that when the Tomahawk enclosure goes on sale, Razer will sell only the case, while the NC100 comes with a power supply and a baseboard to slot in the CPU. All other components are to be sourced individually.

Razer has commented that this June, it will ship a complete PC in the Tomahawk enclosure similar to what Cooler Master and CyberPowerPC are offering with their turnkey computers. Razer is aiming to price the Tomahawk at a little over $2000.